2013-08-29 / Regional News

New poles approved for flags


Forest Hill Drive resident Neil Viner asked selectmen for approval at the Aug. 19 meeting to install two flagpoles at the monument in front of the fire station.

One flagpole would have a flag of the Maltese Cross, to tie in with the local Fire Brigade, and another pole a Star of Life flag, to tie in with the emergency medical service on the fire department, he said.

Select board chairman Peter Letsky asked if the police department wants to be represented.

Viner said he’d talked with members of the police association and offered them the opportunity for a flag.

A response from public safety would be nice also, said selectman Michael Pantos.

“We wanted to include the police but that’s a fire memorial,” said Viner.

The issue came up because the flag is at times flown at half staff, said fire department member Justin Bassett. But that is per order of the governor only so rarely involves a local individual, he said. “If we lose a member of the fire department we’d like to be able to put a fire flag at half staff to honor them,’’ said Bassett. “The American flag can only come down at the order of the governor.”

“I like the idea of a separate flag,” said selectman Joe Becker. “But we don’t want every department having flag poles all over town,” he added.

There is a flag on the town common, but people can’t see it, said Viner.

“When we put the monument up we planned to put flags up,” said Bassett.

The Brigade would pay for the pole, flags and installation.

Selectmen authorized the Fire Brigade to install additional flagpoles at the monument.

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