2007-11-01 / Letters

Celebrity readers made the day

On Friday, October 19, Houghton Elementary School celebrated Community Reading Day. We were fortunate to have "celebrity readers" from many diverse backgrounds come together to read to our children. On behalf of Houghton Elementary School, we would like to thank the following people for making this day a tremendous success: Father Tom Garlick, Ms. Danielle Mattei, Chief David Hurlbut, Mr. Tom Kokernak, Mr. Thibeault, Chief Chamberland. Mrs. Lisa Noyes. Pastor Neil Davidson, Dr. Pandiscio, Mr. Steve Charette. Mr. John Davis, Mr. Mike Myers, Ms. Paula Meola, Mr. Chuck Brown, Mr. John Denley, Dr. Patricia Caisse, Mr. Peter Daley, Sister Ann Marie, Mrs. Corinne Farinelle, Mr. David Avery, Dr. Mary Lindholm, Mr. Jeremy Daly, Rep. Lew Evangelidis, Maestro Francis Wada, and Mr. Jim Keogh. Thank you for visiting our school!

Sarah LaMountain

Susan Segalla Houghton Elementary PTO

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